what is an electric plane?

2022-06-01 | Company News

Planer is an indispensable tool for any professional woodworker or amateur. It is widely used in woodworking, furniture manufacturing and remodeling work. In short, it is a tool that you can use an electric or manual planer to plan a piece of wood to the desired thickness. The electric planer is a hand-held electric tool that is driven by a single-phase series motor through a transmission belt to perform planning operations. lt has the characteristics of high production efficiency, flat and smooth planning surface.


This passage is going to talk about the followings of an electric planer:

(1) Introduction to electric planer

(2) The working principle of electric planer

(3) How to use electric planer


(1) Introduction to electric planer

It is widely used in housing construction, housing decoration, carpentry workshops,field wood work and vehicles,shipsbridge construction and other occasions to perform various wood planning,chamfering and cutting operations.

Electric planer has two structures: direct drive andindirect drive.The direct drive type is that the planer is directly mounted on the motor output shaft, and the indirect drive type is that the output shaft of the motor drives the knife shaft through nylon.

Electric planer is composed of motor, knife cavity structure,planning depth adjustment mechanism, handle,switch and non-reconnectable plug.

This series of electric planers adopt double insulation structure. The electric planer shell and the handle are injection molded into one body, and the plastic shell is used as the additional insulation of the stator core and the additional insulation of the rotor core to the ground to form a double insulation.

The knife cavity structure has two layers,an upper layer andalowerlayer.The upperlayer is achip remova chamber,and the chips are removed by the cooling air of the motor fan The planning depth adjustment mechanism is composed of an adjustment handle, an anti-loosening spring,and a front bottom plate. Twist the adjustment handle to move the front

bottom plate up and down to adjust the planning depth.

The motor output shaft drives the nylon transmission belt to drive the planer on the knife shaft for planning operations.

The power cord adopts a double-core sheathed flexible cable,whichis integrated with the double-post rubber plug to form a non-reconnectable plug.


(2) The working principle ofelectricplaner

The working principle of an electric planer is very simple. The blades of the planer (also called iron) are fixed to a drum, which is driven by an electric motor and rotates at 10,000 to

16,000 revolutions per minute. The handle on the front of the planer is used to adjust the cutting depth, which is the amount of wood to be removed.

The cutting depth varies from one millimeter to several millimeters (usually 4 mm), depending on the power absorbed by the planer, the efficiency of its motor, the quality of the iron,and the width of the work.

The planer blade fixed on the drum is housed in a holder in the rear seat-the table rests on the wood to be panned. The basic and cheapest electric paners onlv come with an iron.


(3) How to use electric planer

Pay attention to safety when using it (when there are nails and other metal objects on the wood, it needs to be removed before use). When using the electric planer, you should adopt different postures according to the length of the wood. When feeding, press the front end with one hand, and the back end of the wood with the other hand. The long material should be supported as far as possible to keep the wood stable and ensure that it is planned.The cut surface is completely consistent with the electric planer platform. Do not warp, otherwise the scraped surface will be uneven. After entering the planer, the back hand moves forward steadily,and the front hand moves backward as the wood moves forward. It is best to press directly on the planer blade to prevent shakina. At the end of the plannina. the front hand moves forward with the wood and presses it down. not exceeding the platform, and the back hand is pressed at the end to push forward. Ensure that the wood is planed smoothly. The electric planer is generally used for roughing and is used in conjunction with the belt sander.

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