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Makute electric drill

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Electric drill:


Drills can be divided into three categories: electric hand drill, impact drill and hammer drill.

The prices of these three kinds of electric drills are arranged from low to high, and the functions are also increased. The selection needs to be combined with their respective application scope and requirements.

Differences among electric hand drill, impact drill, hammer drill and electric pick

The electric hand drill only relies on the motor to drive the transmission gear to increase the rotating force of the drill bit, so that the drill bit can scrape through metal, wood and other materials.

When the percussion drill works, there is an adjusting knob at the bit chuck, which can be used in two ways: adjustable drill and percussion drill. However, the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to beat each other to achieve the impact effect, and the impact force is far less than that of the electric hammer. It can also drill reinforced concrete, but the effect is not good.

Hammer drill (electric hammer) is different. It uses the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structures, one to drill, and the other to drive the piston, just like the hydraulic stroke of the engine, to produce strong impact force, accompanied by the effect of drilling. Power can split stone and gold.

The electric pick is to let the motor drive the swinging weight to run in the form of bouncing, so that the pick has the effect of chiseling the ground. The hydraulic pump pickaxe uses the gas pressure transmitted by the air compressor to drive the pump hammer in the electric pickaxe to bounce back and forth, so as to produce the effect of pickaxe chiseling the ground. However, the electric pickaxe only chisels, and its pickaxe does not rotate.

In a word, the electric drill can only drill, and the impact drill can also have a slight hammering effect. The hammer drill can drill and hammer higher, while the electric pick can only hammer but not drill.

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