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How to use an electric planer on a table top?

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The electric planer may be a strange machine in your opinion, but it works very well, and is faster and more accurate. It has a cutting blade that can effectively scrape off the part of wood or material you want to remove. People who are new to woodworking at the beginning, hope this article can provide you with some useful and concise tips, so that you can make the most of the handheld electric planer.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of using an electric hand planer on a table top:

(1) Preparation before using the electric planer on the table top

(2) During the use of electric planer on the table top

(3) Attentions when using an electric planer on the table top

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(1) Preparation before using the electric planer on the table top

Before putting your hands on the electric planer, you should read your electric planer operation manual and understand the safety tips on how to use it.

First of all, you should choose the material of the planer carefully. Make sure to use dry wood. If the wood is not yet dry, dry it thoroughly for several weeks before using a planer to treat it thoroughly. Note that there are no nails on the wood to prevent them from damaging the blade.

Clear the desktop of all unnecessary materials. Wipe the top with a clean cloth to remove all dirt. Make sure you do not add moisture to the wood, so you need to wipe the table with a dry cloth.

You should take out the clip and start fixing the desktop with the clip. Make sure the desktop is stable, safe, and will not move once you start planning. Likewise, you must ensure that there is enough space to move around the table.

Check whether the electric planer blade is sharp. If they are not sharp, make sure to sharpen them.

When you start planning wood, take the most stable posture. You don't want to feel unbalanced when pushing the plane to the surface of wood, because if your posture is unstable, you may damage the planer and wood.

Before using the electric planer, make sure that the heel of the electric planer runs parallel to the material. You should also make sure that the wood does not fall or move when passing through the electric planer. You can use straight edges to prevent wood from immersing.

(2) During the use of electric planer on the table top

Once you have taken the correct posture and sharpened the blades and correctly positioned the wood, you can place the planer on the edge of the table. Turn on the planer and start scraping off the wood. Strip a small amount of wood at a time. Then, move slowly and try to achieve the desired effect.

Avoid dropping and scratch the edges with the blade. Be careful when you continue to move the planer on the surface of the board.

When moving the planer, make sure to adjust the position appropriately. If you cannot adjust your position, you may cause an accident or even hurt yourself. If you cannot change the position and angle of the planer, you may also damage the table top or planer.

After you shave the entire table top, you should turn off the planer and remove it from the table. Place it in a safe place until the blade stops rotating. Then, you can complete the desktop processing in any way. You can finish it with varnish, or paint or wax it.

(3) Attentions when using an electric planer on the table top

One of the problems that may be encountered when using an electric planer is out of control. Hand-held planers are excellent tools and powerful. Considering their power, if you don't hold them tightly, they may escape from your grip. Therefore, if you are wary of this issue, it will help.

If you are a beginner, you should also do some exercises to strengthen your arms and forearms.

Slow down and set the depth of the planer to a certain depth to remove as little wood as possible. The minimum amount is equal to 0.1 mm. This can avoid out-of-control problems.

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