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How to remove drill bit from electric drill?

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The use rate of malkute electric drills in decoration and daily life is still very frequent. It is precisely because of the assistance of an makute electric drill that some hard objects have the opportunity to be transformed, and the makute electric drill is also very convenient to operate. The use of an electric drill requires a drill bit, and after it is installed and used, the drill bit needs to be removed. Next, let us follow the followings to see how to remove the drill bit of the electric drill.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of removing drill bit from electric drill:

(1)How to remove the electric drill bit?

(2)Precautions for removing the electric drill bits



(1)How to remove the electric drill bit?

The followings are the detailed steps to remove the drill bit.

1. Turn off the switch of the electric drill first, and then unplug the power plug of the electric drill. Don't forget to do this step, otherwise you may injure your hands and may cause electric shock.

2. Then use the screw to unscrew the part locked by the power cut, and rotate the drilled part of the electric drill with the electric drill bit until all the methods of drilling reveal the head of the power station.

3. Rotate the hole of the drill hole with the drill bit to loosen it, and then pull the drill bit out of it by hand. Finally, rotate the drill hole in and put the electric drill in the box.

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(2)Precautions for taking electric drill bits

In the process of using an makute electric drill, you may encounter situations where you need to replace a drill bit of a different size or replace a damaged drill bit. Here are some precautions for replacing the drill bit.

First of all, you must turn off the switch of the electric drill and unplug the power plug before taking the drill bit. This is very important. If you forget to turn off the power, it will be more dangerous. If you accidentally touch the power switch, the drill bit will rotate and hurt your fingers. In addition, the drill bits are also made of metal. If one is not careful, there is a danger of electric shock.

The drill bit of the electric drill that has just been used is still relatively hot, so it cannot be disassembled immediately. You have to wait for it to cool down for a period of time, and then disassemble the drill bit after it is relatively cold.

When rotating the drill bit, just loosen the stuck part of the drill bit to take out the brick. Do not rotate too hard to damage other parts of the drill bit, the game is not worth the candle then. Remember to be steady when applying force, be careful to damage the chuck and avoid hurting yourself. For chucks with bolts, rotate the chuck instead of the key.



In conclusion, to remove a drill bit of an makute electric drill is not that difficult.

At first, everyone would be very confused about how to change the bit. But after a few times of trying, this will become very simple. In fact, this is an easy task even for beginners.

Just need to invest some time, because your basic knowledge of makute electric drill is not clear. In addition to just looking at the text introduction, you can also try to visualize the entire process, such as viewing some videos on the Internet.

It's very simple, you only need some time to adapt. Also, don't forget to be careful not to hurt yourself.

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