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How does a die grinder work?

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For wood products, precise cutting or sanding tools and stable hands are usually required. The mold grinder uses a flexible method to grind bricks and wood. The functional principle of the mold grinder is very simple. Do you know how does a die grinder work?

 die grinder

This passage is going to talk about the followings of a die grinder:

(1) Different types of die grinder

(2) How does the pneumatic die grinder work?

(3) Conclusion

(1) Different types of die grinder

Give a brief introduction of different types of die grinders.

Vertical axis and rectangular table surface die grinder: Because the diameter of the grinding wheel is larger than the width of the worktable, the grinding area is larger, which is suitable for high-efficiency grinding.

Double-face die grinder: Grinding two parallel planes of the workpiece at the same time by using the end faces of the grinding wheels of two grinding heads. There are two types of horizontal axis and vertical axis.

Vertical axis and round table surface die grinder: The vertically arranged grinding wheel spindle grinds the workpiece with the end face of the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel holder can make intermittent vertical feed movement along the guide rail of the column. The workpiece can be continuously ground on a rotating round table, and the production efficiency is higher than that of a horizontal axis round table surface grinder: it is suitable for grinding round and thin workpieces, and can be used to tilt the table to grind annular workpieces of varying thickness.

Type die grinder: The workpiece is guided through the grinding wheel by a linear or rotary feeding device. This kind of grinder is highly efficient and is suitable for mass production of parts such as bearing rings and piston rings. In addition, there are rail grinders dedicated to grinding machine tool rail surfaces, and special grinders for grinding turbine blade profiles.

Horizontal axis and rectangular table surface die grinder: The workpiece is sucked or clamped on the worktable by the rectangular electromagnetic worktable, and reciprocating longitudinally. The grinding wheel carriage can make transverse intermittent feeding movement along the dovetail guide rail of the sliding seat, and the sliding seat can make vertical intermittent feeding movement along the guide rail of the column. The workpiece is ground around the grinding wheel with high grinding accuracy.

(2) How does the pneumatic die grinder work?

Pneumatic die grinder is a kind of common die grinder. The air die grinder uses a flexible method to grind bricks and wood. The function of this die grinder is very simple.

The air angle die grinder includes a control rod, a long stem and a collet assembly with a 90-degree end. The end of the long stem has an air inlet. Various grinding accessories, such as grinding wheels, can be installed by means of collet assembly.

The external air compressor is the power source of the angle grinder. The pipe of the air compressor is connected to the air inlet of the grinder. Turn on the air compressor and slowly squeeze the lever of the grinder. The mechanism of the collet is rotated by the pressurized air of the compressor. This causes the collet with the attached grinding attachment to rotate.

(3) Conclusion

Die grinder is a versatile, time-saving tool. Even if your store it at the corner of the hangar's soil, it is also useful. Using a carbide drill bit, you can use the torch to cut the rough edges of the metal smooth, clean the ends of hexagonal, square or round shafts, ream bolt holes and accurately remove almost anywhere or anything. Install an abrasive "cutting disc" on the mandrel to get a high-speed mini hacksaw, which is ideal for cutting bolts, splitting nuts or bearing races, smoothing sheet metal edges or cutting/scoring flat steel. Once you get used to using a die grinder to cut and realize how to use it, even if your toolbox is not very large or fully equipped, it will become an essential tool in the toolbox.

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