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Electric planer

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Electric planer is a hand-held electric tool driven by single-phase series excited motor through transmission belt to carry out planing operation. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, flat and smooth planing surface and so on.

It is widely used in house construction, house decoration, woodworking workshop, field woodworking operation, vehicle, ship, bridge construction and other occasions to carry out plane planing, chamfering and cutting of all kinds of wood.

Electric planer has two structures: direct drive and indirect drive. The direct drive type is that the planer is directly installed on the output shaft of the motor, and the indirect drive type is that the output shaft of the motor drives the cutter shaft through nylon.

The electric planer is composed of motor, knife cavity structure, planer depth adjustment mechanism, handle, switch and non reconnectible plug.

This series of electric planers adopts double insulation structure. The electric planer shell and handle are integrated by plastic injection molding. The plastic shell forms a double insulation as the additional insulation of the stator core and the additional insulation of the rotor core to the ground.

The cutter cavity structure has upper and lower layers, and the upper layer is a chip removal chamber, which is removed by the cooling air of the motor fan.

The planing depth adjusting mechanism is composed of an adjusting handle, an anti loosening spring, a front bottom plate, etc. the adjusting handle is screwed to move the front bottom plate up and down to adjust the planing depth.

The motor output shaft drives the nylon drive belt to drive the planer on the cutter shaft for planing.

The power line adopts double core sheathed flexible cable, which forms an integral part with the double column rubber plug and cannot be reconnected.

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