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Electric pick how the maintenance

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Replacing on a regular basis, add professional grease:

  Hammer/electric pick works up to 60 hours (depending on the specific situation should be used depending on the user), add 30 g grease within the cylinder replaced. Yahu.y. ye Hu adopt imported dedicated synthetic high temperature lubricant grease,low temperature high temperature -30C ° ~130C ° normal startup performance, toensure the hammer/electric pick hammer to maximize efficiency, do not add in a hammer/electric pick any brand of oil! if you mistakenly added engine oil in electric pick, can lead to serious oil leakage, shock machines unable to.

  Second, cylinder oils Add method:

  1, first of all, remove machine has changed the grease (such as: cylinder, piston, cylinder boxes and other parts of old oil has changed);

  2, then the surface evenly about the above-mentioned components 0.5-1mm "Yahu.y. Hu/electric pick hammer grease, wild";

  3 and finally, note you must ensure the following parts of the vent or exhaust ductsunobstructed to avoid broken hammer hammering is unable or is due to pores blocked:

  ※ RAM – attention guaranteed RAM hole two grooves at the bottom cannot be blocked by grease must be completely exposed.

  ※ Piston – ensure piston is four? 4-?2 vent unobstructed.

  ※ – Ensure the cylinder cylinder 6 exhaust ducts exposed on the surface out of thebox.

  Three, clamping protection

  Correct use of clamping can further extend the life of the machine, it is recommended that you don't tip in the drilling process flat chisel as a pry bar to use, especially forced power picks to pry the broken objects, so as to avoid clamping fault the Department of electric shovels, and affect your normal use.

  Four, motor maintenance

  Before using the machine 1, to observe the motor inlet and outlet are unobstructed!so as not to cause injury because of the poor thermal motor stator and rotor.

  2, in time to replace the carbon brush and use the brush provided original! use do not match the carbon brush easily damage the commutator.

  3, when using the m

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