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What to do if you drill through an electrical wire?

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You are likely to drill through electrical wires when you are doing renovation activities. Do not panic at this time and stop immediately. Let us take a look at how to deal with this kind of situation. Makute power tools will provide you with the best service. If you have any needs, please contact us.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions:

(1)What should I do if electric drill breaks the wires?

(2)How to avoid drill though electrical wires?

(3)What should I do if drill into the wire?


(1)What should I do if electric drill breaks the wires?

What should I do if the wire is broken? If it has been broken, we will appear very passive and we can do very little. Here are three maintenance methods.

1. Replace the new line

Look for a switch, socket, or cassette cover (at least two) near the broken wire, and remove it. Look at the direction of the wire from a dark box, find the wire leading to the broken direction, find the connector of this wire, and disconnect it.

Can you see the direction of the wires in the junction box?

Do the same thing from the other cassette, and then pull the wire out-if it's broken in two, you need to pull it out of the two junction boxes. If it is not broken into two sections, or if there are multiple wires in the threading tube, and there are some wires that are not broken into two sections inside, tie a new wire at the other end while pulling the wire and pull the new wire into the threading tube.

In this way, the old wires are taken out, and the new wires are also threaded in. If the wires in the threading tube are broken, you can only use the new thread to thread it directly, and use the threading steel wire when necessary. Then just remake the original joints.

The difficulty of this method is to find which two junction boxes the broken wire is connected to. As long as these two junction boxes are found, everything is not difficult.

electric drill

2. Surface mounted or abandoned

Same as the previous method, find the two junction boxes connected by the broken wires. This time we will not pull out the wires, but remove the wire connectors.

If you do not intend to continue using one of the two junction boxes and the N sockets (if any) after the junction box, just discard it and re-wrap the wire connectors. The discarded wires are placed inside the wall, so we don’t have to worry about it.

If you intend to continue using it, it is best to buy a shaker, and the two test leads of the shaker touch the connectors in the two junction boxes respectively and start shaking. Check the test situation of the shaking table to determine the damage of the wires in the threading pipe-if a few wires are damaged, we will buy a sheathed wire with several cores and replace the damaged wires with surface mounting.

3. On-site maintenance

Compared with the first two methods, this method is simpler and rude, simple to judge, but more destructive.

The method is to chisel the walls and conduits near the damaged point, pull out the wires inside, and cut them. Buy a concealed junction box and put it in the wall, and pass the newly cut wire through the junction box. Make wire connectors in the junction box-if necessary, introduce a new piece of wire.

After that, seal the wall, and be careful not to cover the junction box when sealing. After the wall is finished, buy a cover to cover the junction box.

This method is more suitable for ceramic tile walls. You don't need to fill it with cement when covering. Buy some tile glue, fix the junction box, and stick the new tiles. Pay attention when using it in the future. If it is paint or wallpaper, you may need to re-apply putty, leveling, and painting, and the amount of work is relatively large.


(2)How to avoid drill though electrical wires?

The most reasonable situation is of course not to break the wires. This requires us to pay attention to the following points:

1. Keep drawings of the electrical wires

The decoration drawings must be kept well. The direction of each wire is recorded in detail on the drawing. Whether it is to avoid hitting the wires when punching holes, or repairing after hitting the wires, with decoration drawings, all this becomes easy.

2. Use anti-shock electric hammer

Many of the current electric hammers and drills have the function of protecting the circuit. Using Makute electric drill will avoid damaging the circuit. When these Makute electric drills are close to the line, they will trigger the circuit breaker to trip, thus avoiding the drill bit from damaging the wire.


(3)What should I do if drill into the wire?

First turn off the power of the Makute electric drill, find the junction box at both ends of the broken wire, untie the connector, pull the broken wire out of the threading pipe with pliers, and then use the iron wire or steel wire to pass it into the pipe. Pull out one end and reconnect the thread. The drilled eye can be passed through if the small wire can be tested several times. If the drilled eyes are big and clean out the things in the eyes first, one person wears the wire and the other helps guide the eye position (the front end of the wire needs to be bent into a small hook or a small circle. If you pull out a few wires, you need to change a few, and connect the end of the wire. Wrap the joints with insulating tape and separate them).

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