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What size rotary hammer to buy?

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Choosing the best rotary hammer for your retrofit or construction work is crucial, but the correct choice can be complicated. Whether it is new construction or maintenance, many jobs require drilling holes in concrete for precise work such as anchoring. When choosing the best rotary hammer for you and your staff, the type of rotary hammer, the drill bit/tool interface system and the type of drill bit, work type and electrical power are the key factors.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of choosing the size of your rotary hammer:

(1) Difference from other drill bits and hammers

(2) Spline, SDS Plus and SDS Max

(3) Single purpose and multi-purpose rotary hammers

rotary hammer

(1) Difference from other drill bits and hammers

The common electric rotary tools on the market are power drills, hammer drills and rotary hammers. They have different working modes and methods.

For rotating tools, there are some basic differences. The drive drill uses only rotation to push the drill bit and screw into the material. Hammer drills use pulses as they rotate to add extra power to the rotation and push the drill bit or screw into more difficult materials. Hammer drills function like percussion drills, but the pulse pushes the drill bit forward rather than sideways, crushing the material in front of the drill bit or screw into powder, thereby moving the handle deeper. The rotary hammer acts like a hammer drill, but uses compressed air to provide stronger and less frequent forward strikes, thereby crushing more material in a shorter time. In contrast, a demolition hammer simply chops the concrete to break it.

(2) Spline, SDS Plus and SDS Max

The following are some of the rotary hammer models that are ubiquitous in the market. The most common types are Spline, SDS Plus and SDS Max.

There are several different standards for fixing rotary hammer bits, each of which works best within a certain size range. Splines have been in existence for many years, and the processing range is 3/8" to 1-3/8". SDS Plus was developed by Bosch and is rapidly occupying the spline market. It is suitable for drills from 3/16" to 3/4". Some Bosch models will provide chipping and hammering, chip-only and hammering only modes to provide more versatility. SDS Max is designed to handle the largest drill bits from 1/2" to 1-3/4" and usually only provides hammer drill and chisel modes. As with any other power tool, if you want to work frequently at the high end of the tool capacity, then if you buy the next specification product, it will work better and take longer.

(3) Single purpose and multi-purpose rotary hammers

You can choose a rotary hammer with different function modes in consideration of the functions you need.

As mentioned earlier, the changes developed for the cutter head also provide new options for different modes of rotary hammer operation. These modes usually use the chip only or chisel mode, which provides a powerful pulse action to crush concrete, the rotating hammer mode, and the combined mode of chiseling and rotating at the same time. Generally, single-function hammers are more reliable because they reduce faulty parts, while multi-function hammers have more diversified functions that can meet your job site requirements.

By following the techniques described in this article, you can instantly find the ideal rotary hammer for your project. Do you still have questions or need more information to decide which one of the rotary hammers is best for you? If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for more information or to order high-quality rotary hammers.

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