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What is the input energy of an electric drill?

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An electric drill is a drilling tool powered by an AC power source or a DC battery, and is a kind of hand-held electric tool. Electric drills are the most sold product in the power tool industry. They are widely used in construction, decoration, furniture and other industries to make holes or pierce objects in objects. Some industries are also called electric hammers. What is the input energy of an electric drill?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the input energy of an electric drill:

(1)What is input energy and what is output energy?

(2)Efficiency of an electric drill

(3)How to choose electric drills—how much power do I need?


(1)What is input energy and what is output energy?

Every system has so-called "input" and "output". In your family car, the fuel tank gasoline is the input energy to your car. The output of a car is the conversion of that input (gasoline) into motion. When you turn on the car radio, it has two inputs. Input refers to the energy put into the equipment, and output refers to the energy released. A device may change the type of energy, but not the amount of energy. For example, the input energy of a bulb is electric energy, and its output energy is in the form of light and heat. Efficiency is the ratio of the useful energy produced by the equipment to the total energy entering the equipment. Energy cannot be eliminated, but it can be transformed from one form to another.

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(2)Efficiency of an electric drill

After knowing the definition of input and output energy, you may wonder what is the input and output energy of an electric drill. That is to understand the efficiency of electric drills.

Hand drill:

The minimum power is 500-800W, and the scope of use is limited to drilling wood and as an electric screwdriver. Some hand electric drills can be changed into special tools according to the purpose. There are many uses and models.

Impact drill:

The power of the percussion drill is 800-1000W, and the impact mechanism of the percussion drill has two types: dog tooth type and ball type. The ball-type impact drill consists of a movable plate, a fixed plate, a steel ball, etc., which can drill holes in brittle materials such as bricks, blocks, and concrete. If the nail is removed, the fixed plate and the follower plate can rotate together without impact, and it can be used as an ordinary electric drill.

Hammer drill (electric hammer):

The power of the hammer drill (electric hammer) is 1.5kw-2kw. It can drill holes in a variety of hard materials and has the widest range of use.

(3)How to choose electric drills—how much power do I need?

Is the power of the electric drill the bigger the better? The answer is no, because how much power you use depends on where you use it.

General electric drills are classified according to power: electric hammer, impact drill and ordinary electric drill. Small electric drills also use AC power and batteries. The percussion drill can be used to perforate the wall with a percussion bit and place expansion bolts to install pendants, or use a twist bit to drill holes for ordinary wood and metal materials. The price is moderate and it is also very suitable. The disadvantage is that it cannot penetrate the wall hole due to the lower power.

Electric drills should be purchased with a power of no less than 550 watts. Makute Electric drill products are suitable for drilling holes in steel, wood and plastic, and are one of the most popular hand-held power tools. General hardware stores range from professional hypermarkets to small roadside hardware stores all selling Makute electric drills.


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