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What is an impact drill?

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For passionate DIYers, percussion drills can make projects that involve many large fasteners (such as securing beams to a pergola) much easier. An impact drill, also commonly known as an impact driver, is a hand-held tool designed to drive screws quickly. Through our introduction, we hope to let you know whether you need it or not.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of an impact drill:

(1) Introduction to impact drill

(2) The working principle of impact drill

(3) How to use impact drill

 impact drill

(1) Introduction to impact drill

If you search the Internet and find this article "What is a impact drill?" you may find "impact driver". Technically, there is no such thing as a impact drill. There are surely impact drivers-but are different tools. The impact driver has a main function, which can drive the screw quickly and well. An impact drill (sometimes called a drill bit driver) can also drive a screw, but the effect is not good. They are better at drilling. There are many similarities between impact drills and impact drivers. They are all handheld and can be cordless or wired. When the trigger is squeezed, they all rotate. Most models of drills and impact drivers have variable speeds.

(2) The working principle of impact drill

The principle of percussion drill is percussion movement.

The impact motion is driven by a motor through a gear, driving the crank and connecting rod to make the compressed air piston reciprocate in the impact piston cylinder. The compressed gas pushes the impact piston cylinder hammer head to strike the end of the tool with a higher impact frequency, causing the tool to move towards Rush forward. Rotational motion is a general gear transmission, and the motor drives the hexagonal tool end to make the tool rotate. When overloaded, the clutch slips, which plays a role of safety protection. When a cemented carbide drill bit is used to make holes in bricks and concrete, the drill bit rotates and impacts, and the operator does not need to apply pressure; when it is used for grooving, tamping, and roughening, the clutch is loosened and the tool does not rotate, just do Impact movement. The air is used as the intermediate medium between the compressed air piston and the impact cylinder head to form an elastic combination of the two, thereby reducing the harmful effects on the working mechanism, and making the tool have the advantages of simple structure, long service life, and convenient processing.

(3) How to use impact drill

Under normal circumstances, impact drills cannot be used as electric drills.

One is because the direction of the impact drill is not easy to grasp when in use, it is prone to mis operation, and the hole is too large.

The second reason is that the drill bit is not sharp, so that the hole is not neat and burrs or cracks appear.

The third is to make it have a transfer switch, and try not to use it for drilling. Unless you use a special wood drill bit, but because the speed of the electric drill is fast, it is easy to make the hole black and make the drill hair hot, which affects the service life of the drill bit.

Impact drills are generally used with drills with hexagonal tails. In woodworking, they are mainly used to screw screws into wood, and can also be used to tighten or loosen metal bolts and nuts. If you need a percussion drill or other similar drill bit device, you can browse our website to find more. Hope this article is helpful

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