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What is an angle grinder used for?

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An angle grinder, also called side grinder or disc grinder, is a hand-held power tool for grinding (grinding) and polishing. Although originally developed as tools for rigid grinding discs, the availability of interchangeable power supplies has prompted them to be widely used in various cutting tools and accessories. There are many types of Makute angle grinders, which are mainly used in various jobs and various materials.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the uses of angle grinder:

(1)What is an angle grinder?

(2)What is the purpose of the angle grinder?

(3)Remember to protect yourself when using an angle grinder


(1)What is an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are standard equipment in metal processing workshops and construction sites. Angle grinders are playing an increasingly important role in the current construction of buildings. In particular, workers and friends must be familiar with angle grinders. This is an essential tool for us in polishing. What are the specific uses of it?

Angle grinders are mainly used in cutting, grinding, polishing, etc. Angle grinders mainly adopt power devices such as electric motors, gasoline engines or compressed air. The noise of the angle grinder is between 91 and 103; decibels. Angle grinders are basically used for cutting or grinding. There are many types of Makute angle grinders, which are mainly used in various jobs and various materials, such as: cutting discs (diamond blades), wire brushes, polishing discs, polishing discs, woodworking saw blades, marble cutting discs, aluminum Alloy cutting discs.

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(2)What is the purpose of the angle grinder?

The angle grinder can do a lot of slicing work, so what exactly is it used for? Makute Angle grinders are widely used in metal processing, construction industry and emergency rescue work. In workshops, garages or auto repair shops are more common.

There are many types of angle grinders. The choice of angle grinder and the powerful motor are important factors in choosing the most suitable angle grinder. Other factors are whether the power is electric or pneumatic, the speed and the size of the crankshaft.

The greater the electric power demand, the larger the angle grinder. There are many specifications of angle grinders, and under normal circumstances, companies can customize them according to special requirements.

In fact, in simple terms, the purpose of angle grinders is three points:

1. Changing different grinding wheels can perform different metal grinding, cutting and rust removal;

2. Changing the stone cutting blade can also process ceramic tiles, stone, and Cutting small wood materials and thin boards;

3. Metal polishing can be done by replacing hundreds of pages of wheels and polishing wheels.


(3)Remember to protect yourself when using an angle grinder

Angle grinders are mainly used for polishing, but the original intention of the designer's design is not separate. Because of the high speed of the angle grinder, you cannot press hard when using the saw blade or cutting blade, and you cannot cut hard materials with a thickness of more than 20mm. If it jams, it will cause the saw blade and cutting blade to break. Cracks and splashes, and the machine bounces off, not only may damage items, but also may hurt people!

When using an angle grinder, you should choose a saw blade with more than 40 teeth, and you must use both hands to protect it.


After reading the angle grinder and the purpose of the angle grinder, do you have a certain understanding of the angle grinder? I hope this passage can help you understand more about the role of the angle grinder. Finally, I remind everyone that you must remember to take protective measures and protect yourself when you buy and use Makute electric tools.

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