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What is a rotary hammer?

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If you find yourself wandering in the tool channel, looking for the ideal tool for your job, but still confused about your real needs, we will be here to help you. Rotary hammer, a kind of electric drill, will be of great help if using. Do you know what a rotary hammer is? Let us continue reading.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of a rotary hammer:

(1) Introduction to rotary hammer

(2) The working principle of rotary hammer

(3) Advantages and disadvantages of rotary hammer

 rotary hammer

(1) Introduction to rotary hammer

Rotary hammer is a widely used electric tool. The rotary hammer is based on an electric drill, adding a piston with a crankshaft connecting rod driven by an electric motor, and reciprocating compressed air in a cylinder, so that the air pressure in the cylinder changes periodically, and the changing air pressure drives the hammer in the cylinder to reciprocate Strike the top of the drill bit, which is equivalent to hitting the drill bit with a hammer. Hence the name is called rotary hammer.

Rotary hammer is a type of electric drill, mainly used to drill concrete, floor, brick wall and stone. Professional drilling on wall, concrete, stone, and multi-functional rotary hammer, adjusted to the appropriate position with appropriate drill bit can replace ordinary electric drill, electric pick.

Because the drill bit of the rotary hammer produces rapid reciprocating movement (frequent impact) along the direction of the electric drill rod while rotating, it can quickly drill holes in brittle cement, concrete, stone and other materials. The high-end rotary hammer can use the switch to make the drill bit of the rotary hammer in different working states, that is, it only rotates without impact, only impacts without rotation, and both impacts and rotates.

(2) The working principle of rotary hammer

The working principle of the rotary hammer is a hammering motion.

The principle of the rotary hammer is that while the transmission mechanism drives the drill bit to rotate, there is also a reciprocating hammering movement in a direction perpendicular to the rotating head. The rotary hammer is driven by a transmission mechanism to drive a piston to reciprocate compress air in a cylinder. The periodic change of air pressure in the cylinder drives the hammer in the cylinder to reciprocate against the top of the brick, as if we were hitting the brick with a hammer, hence the name rotary hammer.

(3) Advantages and disadvantages of rotary hammer

As a kind of electric rotary hammer drill, rotary hammer has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of the rotary hammer are high efficiency, large hole diameter and long drilling depth. The disadvantage of the rotary hammer is that it has a large vibration and has a certain degree of damage to surrounding structures. The steel bars in the concrete structure cannot pass smoothly and cannot be too close to the building due to the working scope requirements.

The truth is that most homeowners should absolutely own a hammer drill. Mainly used for tasks that require more drilling tool energy than standard drilling tools. Of course, this also provides the possibility for concrete drilling, just in case. In addition, if you are a homeowner or professional who frequently conducts concrete projects, then a hammer is undoubtedly the best way to drill and cut concrete or blocks. As mentioned above, the rotary hammer drill is a special tool.

When considering the use of different hammer drills for rotary drilling, the overall durability and characteristics of each tool series should be considered. Only after fully understanding the rotary hammer can it be used better. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any questions or needs about rotary hammers or electric drills, please contact us.

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