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How to use an electric hand planer?

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Whether you want to repair the creaky door or the fireplace, a handy electric planer can save you a lot of time and effort. If you are a beginner, then maybe you have seen other people use electric planers with ease. Let me tell you that it is easy to plan off the wood to make it look smooth, but it requires a lot of practice and planning! How to use an electric hand planer?

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of using an electric hand planer:

(1) Preparation before using the electric planer

(2) During the use of electric planer

(3) Attentions when using an electric planer

 electric planer

(1) Preparation before using the electric planer

1. The work piece must be clamped firmly on the fixture or the workbench, and the pressure plate for clamping the work piece must not grow out of the workbench, and no one is allowed to stand within the maximum stroke of the machine tool. The knives should not be extended too long and should be clamped firmly.

2. When correcting the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to knock the workpiece with metal objects or push the workpiece with the tool holder.

3. When the width of the workpiece exceeds the processing width of the single-arm planer, the offset of its center of gravity to the center of gravity of the worktable should not be greater than one-fourth of the width of the worktable.

4. Adjust the stroke so that the tool does not touch the workpiece. Use the handle to shake the full stroke test. After the ram is adjusted, the ram should be locked and the handle should be removed at any time to avoid falling and hurting people.

5. When the bed surface of the electric planer or the workpiece protrudes too long, a protective railing should be provided, and pedestrians or stacking objects are prohibited within the railing.

6. Before planning a large workpiece, the electric planer should first check the reserved space between the workpiece and the gantry post and the tool post, and check whether the workpiece height limiter is installed correctly and firmly.

7. It is forbidden to stand or store tools and other items on the work surface and bed surface of the electric planer and the knife rest. Operators must not cross the table.

8. Pay attention to sharp edges and burrs when handling workpieces and turning over.

(2) During the use of electric planer

1. Within the range of planning stroke, no people are allowed to stand before and after the head, hands are not allowed to observe the cutting part and the cutting tool before the head, hands are not allowed to measure the workpiece or remove chips before it stops.

2. The amount of cutting and feeding must be appropriate, and the planer should be slowly approached to the workpiece before feeding.

3. The planer must be operated first before cutting or feeding. If you want to stop the planer during planning, the planer should be retracted from the workpiece.

4. When the running speed is stable, the temperature rise of the sliding bearing should not exceed 60℃ and the temperature rise of the rolling bearing should not exceed 80℃.

5. When adjusting the stroke of the gantry planer worktable, the machine must be stopped, and the margin at both ends of the maximum stroke shall not be less than 0.45m.

6. Frequently check whether the tool and workpiece are fixed and whether the machine parts are operating normally.

(3) Attentions when using an electric planer

An electric planer is a powerful and dangerous tool. Only work on wood that is properly secured and don't pass too quickly.

Do not use electric planers on wooden parts with screws or nails (such as hardwood floors), because the iron may break or fall from the electric planer under impact.

Before slicing a log, research whether there are any elements that might damage the iron, such as staples. Make sure to use a metal scraper, because if the iron is fragile, it can make a small mark on the wood.

If a cheap electric planer is suitable for leisure work, please don't hesitate to invest more money to use it more regularly and improve the comfort of use. With better design, more labor-saving to use, and equipped with other accessories or protective devices, the mid-range electric planer will make you completely satisfied with the woodworking work.

Don't forget to use personal protective equipment! Put on ear protectors and goggles! The shavings can damage the cornea when injected into the human eye, not to mention the decibel problem, because the noise of the electric planer is very loud! This also applies to respiratory protection, such as the use of electric planers to release a large amount of dust, it is best to wear a mask!

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