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How to use an electric drill?

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An electric drill is a drill driven by an electric motor. The birth of the world's power tools began with electric drill products. In 1895, Germany developed the world's first DC electric drill. This electric drill weighs 14 kilograms and the shell is made of cast iron. It can only drill 4 mm holes in the steel plate. How to use an electric drill safely?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of using an electric drill:

(1)The working principle of electric drill

(2)Operating rules of electric drill

(3)Application field of electric drill


(1)The working principle of electric drill

The working principle of the Makute electric drill is that the motor rotor of the electromagnetic rotary or electromagnetic reciprocating small-capacity motor does the magnetic cutting operation. The working device is driven by the transmission mechanism to drive the gear to increase the power of the drill, so that the drill can scrape the surface of the object and penetrate the object better.

electric drill 

(2)Operating rules of electric drill

Before the advent of electric drills, logging was one of the most tiring tasks. Logging work with electric drills will become much easier. What are the precautions when using Makute electric drills? Let us see some points when using electric drill.

1. Before operation, check whether the performance of the electric drill bit is good, whether the safety device is complete and meet the operation safety requirements.

2. Check that the saw blade should not have cracks, and all screws on the drill bit should be tightened.

3. Wear protective glasses during operation and stand on the side of the saw blade. It is forbidden to stand on the same line as the saw blade. Arms must not cross the saw blade.

4. The feeding material must be close to each other, not excessively strong, and push slowly in case of hard knots. Receiving material needs to be 15cm saw blade. Don't pull it by hand.

5. Short and narrow materials should be processed with push rods, and planer hooks should be used for receiving materials. Wood that exceeds the radius of the saw blade is prohibited from being sawed.

6. The electric drill should be powered off for maintenance.

7. For safety, the saw blade must be removed after the electric drill is used.


(3)Application field of electric drill

Makute electric drills are useful in various fields. From construction to medical and geographic prospecting, you can see electric drills.

1. Construction and Industry

Ordinary electric drills are widely used in the reinforcement of building beams, slabs, columns, walls, etc., decoration, wall installation, brackets, railings, billboards, outdoor units of air conditioners, guide rails, satellite receiver elevators, steel structure workshops, etc.

2. Medical applications

In the early 20th century, wall-mounted three-bend dental electric drills appeared, which were used in the dental field. Julius Lempert, the father of modern otology, was the first to use an electric drill to perform ear surgery in New York in 1938 to treat chronic ear diseases and reduce the incidence of facial nerve injury. But the electric drill at that time was difficult to control and was very noisy. Modern electric drills and pneumatic drills have greatly increased the rotational speed and enhanced cutting capabilities. The use of fast-cutting drills, diamond drills, and flush-suction systems enable otologists to quickly complete precise surgical anatomy and greatly shorten the operation time.

3. Marine soft rod electric drill

A new type of marine drilling equipment, mainly used for coring sampling of the bottom layer of the seabed, and prospecting marine geology and minerals. The marine flexible rod coring electric drill is to install the flexible rod, electric drill, coring tube, drill bit and submersible pump on the same frame, and lower it to the seabed with a wire rope, and use the cable to supply power from the ship's surface and realize remote drilling.


Understand the working principle of electric drill to better use electric drill. We hope that through the introduction of this article, you can learn more about the little knowledge and use precautions of Makute electric drills. Makute power tools will satisfy all your needs.

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