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How to use a pole chain saw?

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Do you need to chop off branches or limbs that are inaccessible on the ground? If this is the case, then the pole chain saw is the best tool for this job. Do you know what a pole chain saw is? Are there any instructions for using the pole chain saw? Keep reading this article to learn more.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of using a pole chain saw:

(1) What is a pole chain saw?

(2) Functions of pole chain saw

(3) How to use pole chain saw?

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(1) What is a pole chain saw?

You may not have heard of what is a pole chain saw. The pole chain saw is a saw used in high places.

To stay healthy and in top condition, trees need to be pruned occasionally to remove broken branches and sparse limbs. Perhaps the best way to solve this project is to use a pole chain saw. Basically, the pole chain saw connects the chain saw to a long pole so that you can reach out and cut branches while staying safely on the ground.

Although the polar saw can make pruning easier, it is not suitable for every situation. Then we will discuss the functions of the polar saw.

(2) Functions of pole chain saw

Due to its long handle, pole chain saws may be more difficult to use and control than ordinary saws. This is not to say that once you master these tools, it is difficult to master one of them. It has three main uses.

There are three main uses of pole chain saws:

Brush cleaning-the process of using a steel pipe saw to clean bushes and other ground coverings for construction or fire control purposes.

Pruning-Cut selected branches to shape the tree for decoration or improve growth next year. This requires careful cutting and planning to achieve the best results. Never prune in autumn and plan the pruning season to achieve the desired results.

Pruning-This is for the purpose of safety or necessity to remove dead, dying or blocked branches.

(3) How to use pole chain saw?

Let's take the removal of redundant branches as an example to understand the steps of using a pole chain saw.

First you need to clean up the area where you want to work. Stay away from people and property that may be destroyed. Make sure you can move freely while working.

Then you need to plan the cutting plan, first remove the lower branches to ensure that you continue to cut deeply. The correct position to use a bar saw is to stand on the side of the branch instead of directly under the branch. Because the side position when the wood falls will reduce your chance of injury. Make sure you can also keep the end of the pole chain saw at chest level. You want to saw the rod at an angle when cutting. Consult the user manual of the bar saw to learn how to adjust the length of the bar saw. Use both hands to move the bar saw to the branch to be cut and stop there for a while to make sure you can control the weight of the bar saw. Feel comfortable and have a good control rod after sawing, then move the saw blade to support it on the branches.

Make sure your cutting process is slow and controlled. You can cut a small groove first, and then increase the cutting speed. When the cut is deep, pay attention to whether the branches will fall or not. You must stand away from the dropping tree branches. The branches should be removed immediately to prevent you from tripping.


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