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How to sharpen a chainsaw?

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Using a chainsaw can make felling trees or any other wood much easier, but over time, your chain will start to dull. If it becomes difficult to use a chainsaw, you must apply pressure to it to cut through anything, and you may need to sharpen it. By knowing the correct use of tools and correct usage, you can easily sharpen the chainsaw and restore it to working condition.

This passage is going to talk about the following steps to sharpen a chainsaw:

(1) Fix your chainsaw

(2) Detailed sharpening process of chainsaw

(3) Check your sharpening work


(1) Fix your chainsaw

The first step requires you to place the saw, mark it, and choose a file.

You need to clamp the saw blade firmly on the tool table. This is to prevent the saw from shifting when sharpening. If you do not have a clamp or vise to hold the chain saw in place, you can remove the chain and fix it in the vise. This will require more adjustments, but it is an easy choice.

Remember to mark the first tooth of your chain saw with a marker. This will make it easier for you to track the sharpening process.

Choose a file with the same diameter as the teeth of the electric saw. Different chainsaws have different teeth. Usually, you can find the size of your chain saw in the operation manual of the chainsaw.

(2) Detailed sharpening process of chainsaw

The second step is the sharpening process.

Slide across the surface of the cutter. Keep the file so that it is level and level above the top of the chain. Push the file smoothly through the chain saw. You don't need to apply a lot of pressure; just apply enough pressure and you can feel the chain saw grinding on the knife.

File 3 to 10 times until it becomes sharp. Repeat the exact same action, passing through the cutter until the cutter is shiny silver and sharp. To ensure that the sharpness of each cutter remains the same, count the number of times you file the first cutter, and then perform the same number of times on each subsequent cutter.

From the starting point, sharpen once every second. After the starting teeth are completely ground, the chain is rotated to make the new teeth closer together. The knives on the chainsaw change directions alternately, so all other knives are sharpened with the same action, the same angle, and the same number of times until they become sharp. Repeat until you get back to the starting point.

(3) Check your sharpening work

The final step is to use a depth gauge to check whether each rake is at the correct height and whether the top is of different shades.

Remember to fully polish and smooth. All rakes should preferably be at the same height. Loosen the chain and the chainsaw, and use the screws to loosen the chain to the available tension. Oil the chainsaw and do some maintenance.

Other notices and tips: For best results, adjust the chain while it is cooling, because even after the run-in period, all chains tend to relax (expand) during operation.

Do not trigger the saw when sharpening the chain. The chain can only be pushed in by hand during the sharpening process. For safety, disconnect the spark plug wire before operating the chain.

New or sharpened chains should always be handled and used carefully. It is recommended to fully saturate (soak) new or repaired chains in the recommended engine oil.

Do not use the chainsaw file forcibly. If too much force is applied, it may break.

During the sharpening process, please wear gloves and safety glasses. You are dealing with very sharp edges. Without gloves, you can easily cut yourself.

Let it cool down before sharpening. If the chain is adjusted at a high temperature, it may become restrained after cooling, requiring further adjustment.

The manufacturer recommends checking and readjusting the chain frequently, especially when using a new chain for the first time (break-in period).

When using or sharpening your own chainsaw, be sure to consult the operating instructions manual.

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