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How to remove chuck from electric drill?

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This is one of the easiest repairs, whether it is used for upgrading or repair and replacement of drill chucks. Many hardware stores have spare parts chucks. However, there are some tips to keep in mind when replacing makute drill chuck.

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This passage is going to talk about the followings of removing chuck from electric drill:

(1)Why do I need to replace the drill chuck and what need to be taken into attention?

(2)Tools and parts needed to replace the trunk of makute electric drill

(3)Replace the keyless drill chuck with an Allen wrench


(1)Why do I need to replace the drill chuck and what need to be taken into attention?

In most cases, the reason for replacement is that the makute drill chuck is ignored or abused, but sometimes you may need to upgrade the drill bit.

Do not use tools on the keyless chuck. In doing so, the plastic on the keyless plastic chuck will crack and the metal on the keyless metal chuck will leave scars.

Do not use adjustable wrenches, water pump pliers or channel locking pliers to tighten or close the jaws of the keyless chuck, otherwise these tools will damage or damage the chuck. Just tighten or close the jaws of the keyless chuck by hand, the chuck is designed for this. If the tool must be clamped tightly in the chuck so that the tool needs to be used on the keyless chuck, it is easy to replace the keyless chuck with a keyed chuck.

Do not overtighten the keyed chuck; the teeth on the ring gear may break, or you can strip the threads on the ring gear nut or jaws.

Oil and clean the chuck occasionally, otherwise your drill will get stuck.

electric drill 

(2)Tools and parts needed to replace the trunk of makute electric drill

Most drill chucks can be upgraded or replaced with almost no tools and parts. Here are the tools and parts needed to be used in the replacing process.

Use a screwdriver to remove the fixing screws or fixing screws: in most cases, the standard is, but some have fixing screws, and some newer drill bits have screws for fixing the screws.

Hammer: If the chuck is stuck, use a hammer to push the jaws into the chuck.

Punch: If you need to tighten the fixing screws to help push in the chuck claws, the chuck claws will get stuck.

A large hex wrench or hex wrench: suitable for the chuck you want to remove.

The chuck and key for replacement (if not a keyless chuck). 

(3)Replace the keyless drill chuck with an Allen wrench

Remove the screw in the center of the chuck. Loosen the jaws of the chuck as far as possible. On most keyless chucks, you will see a screw on the bottom of the chuck to secure it to the drill sleeve. Insert a screwdriver of appropriate size, and then turn it clockwise to remove the counter-threaded screw. Screws are usually coated with thread locking fluid, so some force may be required.

If your model does not have screws, please skip this step.

If the screw is completely stuck, perform the following steps to loosen the screw, then remove the screw and repeat the following steps.

Insert an Allen key into the chuck. Choose the largest Allen key that can be inserted. Turn the Allen key to tighten the chuck until it is firmly seated.

Set the gearbox to the lowest setting. This will minimize the resistance of the gears.

Hit the Allen wrench with a mallet. Position the drill bit so that the Allen wrench is placed horizontally and suspended above the workbench. Use a mallet or rubber mallet to make the end of the Allen key sharply downward. Most drill chucks have standard threads, so hitting the Allen key counterclockwise will loosen the drill chuck. If you want to be sure, please contact the manufacturer and ask if your model is a standard model or a reverse thread model.

If the impact is too strong or at a certain angle, it may bend or break the drill casing. Start with light force and increase as necessary. This is especially important if you just want to loosen the jammed screw.

Remove the chuck by hand. Once the chuck is released from the drill sleeve, you can unscrew it by hand.

Replace the thread locking fluid on the screw (recommended). When you are ready to install the new chuck, apply a bit of thread locking liquid to the end of the screw. Roll it onto your finger to spread the liquid evenly.

If your keyless chuck does not have screws, you may need to use thread locker on the threads of the chuck to screw on the drill bit.

Install the new chuck. You can use the same tool to install a new chuck, or replace the original chuck after cleaning:

Screw the bottom of the chuck onto the spindle.

Open the chuck.

Insert an Allen key and tighten it by hand.

Insert the screw and turn it counterclockwise to tighten.


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