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How to make an electric bike with a drill?

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In theory, an electric bicycle is to add an electric drive to the original bicycle, so in theory, as long as you own a bicycle, you can convert it into an electric bicycle.

Many persons have realized this idea, but the electric drive they use is not a motor on a traditional electric bicycle, but a hand electric drill that is common in everyday homes.

You can also try to convert your bicycle with a drill into an electric bicycle.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of making an electric bike with a drill:

(1) Introduction of modified electric bicycles

(2) Modification principle of electric bike with a drill

(3) Advantages and disadvantages of the electric bike with a drill

electric drill

(1) Introduction of modified electric bicycles

Use the rear frame of the bicycle to build a base to carry the electric drill, add gears to the drill bit, and transmit the power to the bicycle flywheel through the chain. This "electric drill version" electric bicycle is done. However, it should be noted that due to the limited output torque of the electric drill, and in order to adjust the speed, the user also modified the bicycle flywheel.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the electric drill, the user modified the trigger switch of the original electric drill, and moved the adjustment device to the handlebar position through an extension cord, which was convenient for adjusting the speed during riding.

However, given the battery capacity of the electric drill, the maximum speed and cruising range of this "electric drill version" electric bicycle may only be able to turn around in the streets near home.

(2) Modification principle of electric bike with a drill

An electric bicycle refers to a mechatronics personal vehicle that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source on the basis of an ordinary bicycle, and is equipped with a motor, a controller, a battery, a handlebar and other operating components and a display instrument system. The power source of the electric bicycle is the battery, and the power source of the modified electric bicycle is the electric drill. The power of the electric drill is used to rotate the rear wheel of the bicycle to achieve the effect of an electric bicycle.

(3) Advantages and disadvantages of the electric bike with a drill

If you have assembled an electric drill to drive a bicycle, you will definitely get a lot of attention when you ride it out. People must be curious about how your bike works. The maximum speed of this electric bicycle is limited by the drill in your selected area. Because the battery of the electric drill is relatively small, the battery life of this electric drill-driven bicycle is not too long. If you continue to drive, it will soon run out of power. Because of the battery life issue, many netizens question the practicality of this electric bicycle. In real life, who would use this kind of bicycle. Coupled with the simple structure of the bicycle, all parts are fixed with small screws, so the safety of the bicycle is greatly reduced. Many friends are also worried that accidents will easily occur if the screws are loosened during high-speed driving.

If you are interested, you can try to make a bicycle powered by an electric drill. Of course, you must pay attention to safety during the production process. You can search for related information about electric drill bikes online, and you can find a lot of videos and tutorials. Happy DIY!

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