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How to make a rope chain saw?

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Rope chain saws are tools for cutting and dismantling mines, blocks, curved slabs, large slabs of stone, thick concrete, irregular concrete steel bars, bridges and roads. The rope chain saw is easy to install, flexible in use, and can be cut horizontally or vertically.

This passage is going to talk about the following 3 steps of making a rope chain saw:

(1) Step 1 Preparation work

(2) Step 2 Making process

(3) Step 3 Final

 chain saw

The rope chain saw uses the same principle as the electric chain saw, cutting wood with sharp teeth, the difference is that you need to provide the muscles to move the chain on the wood. While standing on the ground, use your rope chain saw to trim branches that are 20 feet or higher. As long as you need to reach out, please tie the rope. This saw is best for limbs 1 to 6 inches in diameter.

(1) Step 1 Preparation work

Remove the main link of the chainsaw chain to disconnect its ends and make the chain straight instead of looping, or purchase a straight chain specifically designed for manual sawing with a rope chain saw. If the chainsaw chain does not have a main link, use a chainsaw chain punch or chain breaker to remove the rivets to break the chain.

(2) Step 2 Making process

Pass one end of a 25-foot long, strong, lightweight rope (such as a parachute rope) through the rivet hole in the link at the end of the chain. Do the same thing with the other rope on the other end of the chain.

(3) Step 3 Final

Tie a heavy object to the other end of a rope. Use any object that can be thrown on a branch and can securely hold the rope, such as a small cloth bag with sand or rocks.

In this way, a rope chain saw is completed. Is not it simple? You can bypass the branches to cut the branches then.

If you need to cut branches and don't have a chain saw at hand, you can still make a simple rope chain saw easily. You can use this rope chain saw to trim aerial branches up to 20 feet high and cut through branches up to 16 inches in diameter. Just follow the steps above and you can prune trees in less than an hour.

Other notices and tips:

The rope chain saw reduces labor intensity, is safe and reliable in operation, has an overload protection function, is powerful, and improves cutting ability and labor productivity. It is the advanced equipment used in demolition and demolition construction projects. Because its linear cutting can make the construction section more neat; also because it can double the speed of work to shorten the construction period, further reduce labor costs, improve the bidding advantage, and expand the scale of acceptable construction projects; the safety of the hydraulic system itself, Reliable and stable rope chain sawing, greatly reducing the cost of construction equipment; in addition, static cutting similar to wall saw cutting has gradually become a construction and design concept, because it can preserve the stability of the existing structure to the greatest extent And safety, it is widely used in the leading advanced cutting construction equipment in the reconstruction construction of the reinforcement company, instead of the traditional method of blasting or drilling holes for construction.

Advantages of a DIY rope chain saw

It is recommended that you choose a chain saw blade with blades on both sides. No matter how it fits the body, it is very easy to use. Even with your DIY rope chain saw, he can also cut branches, dense branches or whole trees. The cutting speed of this saw is faster. His blade reaches three sides of the limb at a time, and the cutting speed is amazing. It is convenient for you to trim trees or branches easily at ho

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