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How to install a cutting disc on an angle grinder?

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Makute Angle grinder is a common tool in construction work and daily life. Although it can cut different materials quickly and meet various projects, if it is used carelessly, it will become the real killer of industrial accidents in minutes.

There are no unsafe tools but only unsafe installation and unsafe use. The correct installation of the cutting disc becomes particularly important.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of install angle grinder and its cutting disc:

(1)Does the angle grinder cutting disc have front and back sides?

(2)How to install a cutting disc on an angle grinder?

(3)Replace the cutting disc of the angle grinder


(1)Does the angle grinder cutting disc have front and back sides?

Are there front and back sides of the angle grinder cutting discs? Yes. The cutting disc used in the angle grinder has the front and back requirements when installing. Generally speaking, the groove is installed outward. The fixed nut is in the groove for easy grinding operation.

When installing the cutting blade of a general angle grinder, the side with the gasket or the lettering faces outward. The friction force is large and the side is facing inward, in order to be more stable. There are also products that can be installed on both sides. You need different analyses for different circumstances.

Angle grinder 

(2)How to install a cutting disc on an angle grinder?

Let us see the installation steps of cutting disc for an makute angle grinder.

You need to prepare a cross screwdriver. The first step is to install the angle grinder baffle and tighten it with a cross screwdriver. Then install the fixing nut inside the angle grinder. Then install the cutting blade, install the external fixing nut of the angle grinder on the cutting blade and fix it tightly. Finally, install the handle on the side of the angle grinder. In this way, the entire angle grinder is installed. Be sure to tighten all nuts.

(3)Replace the cutting disc of the angle grinder

In the process of using makute angle grinder, you may want to change the cutting disc. How to replace the cutting disc of the angle grinder?

Usually there is a button in the general head position of angle grinder. Press down the button and the grinding plate bearing can be locked. At this time, the grinding disc is upward, hold the grinding disc with gloves, and rotate it counterclockwise to loosen it. If it is too tight, just press the button and remove it with pipe wrenches. Pay attention to the direction of rotation. The key to the operation of the polishing machine is to try to get the maximum polishing rate in order to remove the damage layer generated during polishing as soon as possible. But what if the cut disc broke off, how to replace them? You will find four small holes on the mounting nut of the angle grinder. There is a button on it to stop the machine from rotating. When you buy the machine, a wrench is given to you. You can take it off. If you can’t find the wrench, you can use a vise to clamp the screw and then turn the machine. If it doesn't work, use another angle grinder to grind the two sides of the screw out and remove it with an adjustable wrench. Then you can replace the cutting disc.


In short, master the necessary installation knowledge and operating skills of makute angle grinders, carefully check the safety of the tools, operate strictly in accordance with the regulations and never use the tools that have problems. Makute power tools will provide you with the best service. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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