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How to hold an angle grinder?

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Makute Angle grinders are widely used. They are mainly used for metal and stone cutting, grinding and rust removal operations.

Common makute angle grinders are electric, and the types are mainly divided according to the diameter, number of revolutions, power and safety characteristics of the grinding wheel or disc installed on the angle grinder. Do you know the correct way to hold an makuye angle grinder safely?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of holding an angle grinder:

(1)Special handle design

(2)Safety switch for an angle grinder

(3)Precautions for holding an angle grinder


(1)Special handle design for holding angle grinder

For the safe use of hand-held makute angle grinders, there are usually some safety designs on angle grinders; such as handles.

In order to strengthen the stability and control when operating the angle grinder, side handles must be installed on the angle grinder body.

The handles can generally be installed from the left and right sides of the angle grinder. Some makute angle grinder handles can be installed from the top of the body for convenience. Operators with different dominant hands or operating in different working environments and positions. Some handle designs are equipped with anti-vibration function to reduce the impact on the operator. When operating the angle grinder, you must hold the cup tightly and keep your body and arms in a stable position to effectively control the reaction force caused by rebound when rebound occurs.

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(2)Safety switch for an angle grinder

In addition, the switch safety design is also a highlight of the handheld makute angle grinder. The makute angle grinder can be designed with a safety switch in the switch function, and a safety lock is set on the switch.

To start the angle grinder, the operator needs to release the safety lock before pressing the switch to start the angle grinder. The safety lock is designed to prevent the angle grinder from being accidentally started, and the operator needs to keep pressing the switch to keep the angle grinder in the "on" state, release the switch to stop the angle grinder. If the operator loses consciousness due to unexpected events or causes the angle grinder to fly off, the angle grinder will automatically stop operating.


(3)Precautions for holding an angle grinder

There are many precautions for hand-held angle grinders, which are briefly introduced below.

When the angle grinder is in use, the angle of inclination between the used grinding wheel and the workpiece is about 30 to 40 degrees during grinding. Do not press hard, tilt, or shake during grinding. The grinding force should be controlled appropriately according to the material of the grinding wheel used.

When using an angle grinder, remember not to use too much force, and apply it slowly and evenly to avoid the phenomenon of grinding discs crashing. If the grinding disc jams, you should lift the grinder immediately to avoid burning the grinder or the grinding disc. Broken, causing insecurity.

When the angle grinder has a long working time and the body temperature is above 50 degrees and it feels hot to your hands, please stop it immediately and let it cool down before using it.

When replacing the grinding wheel used, the power supply must be turned off or the power cord must be pulled out, and the grinding wheel can be replaced after confirming that it is correct. Special tools must be used for disassembly and assembly, and random knocking is strictly prohibited. After replacement, the machine must be turned on for 1 minute to see if the grinding wheel used is running smoothly and normally.

After the work is completed, turn off the angle grinder switch, and hold the angle grinder until the grinding wheel completely stops rotating, and put it away.


There have been many accidents that caused serious injuries to the body by incorrectly holding the angle grinder in the past. Therefore, everyone should clearly understand the operation method and the method of holding the angle grinder when operating the angle grinder. Makute power tools will provide you with the best service and you can find more on our website. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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