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How to fix angle grinder?

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In modern life, the application of angle grinders is inseparable from people's lives. Makute Angle grinders are used in the processing of various auto parts, furniture and other parts.

Most of the existing makute angle grinders are handheld. When cutting large workpieces that need to be cut flat, handheld angle grinders are unstable, resulting in high scrap rates. How to fix it to solve the problem of unstable?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of fixing angle grinder:

(1)Make the angle grinder fixing bracket by yourself

(2)Steps to fix the angle grinder

(3)General operating precautions for angle grinders


(1)Make an angle grinder fixing bracket

Why not try to make a fixing bracket for the angle grinder yourself? Check the Internet for information about the angle grinder fixing bracket.

You can do it yourself to make an angle grinder fixture that can be fixed on the workbench. You can find related production videos on the Internet. You can make some reference as appropriate. Pay attention to safety during the production process. After the production is completed, safety inspection must be carried out to ensure that the angle grinder can be completely fixed. If you really can't do it, you can also fix the tools that need to be polished on the workbench, so that it can be more stable.

Angle grinders 

(2)Steps to fix the angle grinder

Angle grinders are used for grinding and cutting. Friends who have angle grinders at home, do you know how to install an angle grinder? If it is installed incorrectly, it will be dangerous to use.

The tools/materials needed for installation are: angle grinder, wrench, cross screwdriver. How to operate? First, take out a wrench and a cross screwdriver. These two tools are tools that are needed when installing the angle grinder. Then take out the angle grinder and tighten the fixing nut of the angle grinder with a cross screwdriver. After tightening, the cutting disc can be installed. Put the cutting disc on the angle grinder first. Then use a fixing nut to stabilize the cutting piece, where you can use a wrench to tighten the nut. Finally, install the handle on the side of the angle grinder. Note that the nut must be tightened before this. The installation sequence of the angle grinder cannot be reversed, and the fixing nut must be tightened during this process. Then the whole angle grinder is installed. The above is the general content of the installation.


(3)General operating precautions for angle grinders

There are also some precautions during the installation and use of the angle grinder.

First of all, a qualified person who has received relevant training and practical experience in installing grinding wheels shall be appointed in writing to install grinding wheels for angle grinders. Check the status of all accessories before installation to ensure that there is no shortage of accessories. Make sure that the handle and guard are properly installed before use. Follow the manufacturer's manual recommendations to install accessories of the specified size. Only install the grinding wheel whose upper limit speed is higher than that of the angle grinder. Wear suitable personal protective equipment such as face shields, goggles, listening. Wear protectors and gloves and tie up long hair. After checking and installing the grinding disc, run it at no load speed. About one minute to test for improper installation and accessories problems such as unbalanced or damaged accessories. Put down the angle grinder after the disc operation has completely stopped. Stand firm and maintain good body balance during operation.


In order to reduce accidents caused by unsafe operation of angle grinders, operators had better to choose makute angle grinders with safety designs. In addition, operators use makute angle grinder safety facilities including handles and protective covers, and wear suitable clothing and personal protective equipment for work. Also observe the key points of safe operation, such as installing accessories according to the size recommended by the manufacturer's manual, adopting the correct operating angle, and being in a safe operating position. The use of double insulation or wireless cordless makute angle grinders can prevent electric shock and reduce accidents. Makute power tools will provide you with the best service. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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