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How to clean angle grinder?

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Angle grinder is an abrasive tool used for cutting and grinding. Portable multi-purpose angle grinder, suitable for deburring and polishing. As a polished electronic tool that can be seen everywhere, you may overlook its cleaning work.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to clean angle grinder:

(1)Operating regulations of angle grinders

(2)Maintenance of angle grinder

(3)Angle grinder slotting machine can prevent dust


(1)Operating regulations of angle grinders

Brands and models of angle grinders are different. Please check the manual of your angle grinder before operating. The general operating precautions are described below.

When operating the angle grinder, be sure to wear protective eyewear. After turning on the switch of the angle grinder, wait 3 to 5 minutes and observe the stable rotation of the grinding wheel before it can work. Friends with long hair must tie their hair up first. The cutting direction cannot be towards the person. The angle grinder should stop for fifteen minutes after working continuously for half an hour. Do not use angle grinders with small parts by hand. Consciously clean the working environment after the work is completed. If operating regulations are not followed, cleaning becomes meaningless. The following will introduce in detail how to maintain the angle grinder.

Angle grinder 

(2)Maintenance of angle grinder

Angle grinders are power tools that we often use in our daily lives, but we usually ignore the maintenance of angle grinders, so I remind everyone that they also need maintenance during use.

Always check whether the power cord is firmly connected, whether the plug is loose, and whether the switch action is flexible and reliable.

Check whether the brushes are too short of wear, and replace the brushes in time to prevent excessive sparks or burning of the armature due to poor contact of the brushes.

Pay attention to check that the inlet and outlet of the tool should not be blocked, and remove the oil and dust from any part of the tool.

Grease should be added in time.

If the tool fails, send it to the manufacturer or the designated maintenance center for repair. If the tool is damaged due to abnormal use or man-made wrong disassembly and repair, the manufacturer generally does not repair or exchange it free of charge.

Check the markings of the angle grinder. Angle grinders that cannot be used include: unmarked, unclear markings, unverifiable, regardless of defects.

Check the disadvantages of angle grinders. Visual inspection, directly observe whether there are cracks and other problems on the surface of the angle grinder with eyes. Or percussion inspection, which is the inside of the main angle grinder to be inspected. The method is to hit the angle grinder with a mallet. If there is no problem with the angle grinder, it should be a crisp sound, if it is other sound, it should be a problem.

Check the rotation strength of the angle grinder. The same type of angle grinders of the same batch of models are used for random inspection of rotation strength. Angle grinders that have not been tested can never be installed and used.


(3)Angle grinder slotting machine can prevent dust

You can add water to your angle grinder automatically with a water pump, or buy a dust-proof water cover if it still fails. Use an adjustable switch to control the water volume.

①Add water by pump. the way is to replace the power cord plug with a linkage plug. Or use a linkage socket. In this way, the water pump is turned on to add water when the angle grinder is working. When the angle grinder is stopped, the water pump is also stopped, and the water supply is stopped.

②The water switch uses a water switch that can be finely adjusted to prevent excessive water. The fine-tuned water switch is to rotate the 360-degree water volume a bit larger, and then rotate the 360-degree water volume a bit larger. No need (turn the switch 90 degrees to turn on. Turn the switch 90 degrees to turn off) switch.


If you are not careful when using the angle grinder, then you may get paint and glue stuck on the angle grinder. And then it is not particularly convenient to clean it. We remind you that you must strictly abide by the rules of use when you use it, do not carry out illegal operation, and usually maintain the angle grinder. Makute power tools will provide you with the best service. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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