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How to buy an angle grinder?

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Generally, makute angle grinders have the following four uses. Cutting cermet or masonry structure, grinding to remove excess material, grinding material to make it smoother and polishing material to achieve the purpose of finishing. Do you know what to pay attention to when choosing an makute angle grinder? Let us take a look.

This article is going to talk about the followings that need to be paying attention to when buying an angle grinder:

(1)Disc diameter

(2)Wattage and roulette speed

(3)Safety functions and additional items

(4)Brushless angle grinder


(1)Disc diameter

Disc diameter is the key choice to make when choosing makute angle grinder. The diameter of the disc will directly affect the size of the cut that can be made.

The larger the disc, the greater the cutting depth of the machine. Generally, makute angle grinders with larger disc diameters are also more powerful. The smaller grinder can spin the disc faster and is easier to operate. However, the disadvantage of smaller grinders is that they cannot cut as deep as a large-angle grinder, and because of the higher wear rate, their grinding discs need to be replaced more frequently.

(2)Wattage and roulette speed

It is also important to pay attention to the wattage and roulette speed when buying an makute angle grinder.

Higher wattage will provide more power for cutting hard materials such as thick steel. If the grinder is to be used for a long time, it is recommended to use a higher power.

Angle grinders are available in single speed and variable speed. Variable speed angle grinders can complete finer work at lower speeds, but they usually lead to higher machine prices.

Angle grinders 

(3)Safety functions and additional items

You will find that some angle grinders have safety measures and additional functions.

Some larger angle grinders have a slow start function, in which case the motor will slowly increase to full speed to prevent immediate distortion when starting. If the grinding wheel is tied up, the anti-backlash function of the angle grinder will cut it off. The restart protection function can prevent the grinder from overheating or being cut off and restarting when it continues to use.

When buying angle grinders, they usually come with a grinding wheel, lock nut and side handle. Certain angle grinders can also come with a grinding disc and a carrying case included in the price. These grinders may be more expensive than the basic model, but they are usually cheaper than buying separately.


(4)What to do after buying?

After purchase and before use, you also have many things to pay attention to.

First read the manual and get a rough understanding of the working principle.

Make sure to use the correct grinding wheel for the job. Use the correct disc size for the makute angle grinder and the correct disc type for the material.

Wear suitable clothing and protective equipment. Wear appropriate safety gear, goggles, and safety gloves. Wear dust masks and earplugs when necessary.

Use the makute grinder correctly. Do not remove the safety protection device casually.

Before starting work, check the makute power tool. If the condition is not good, replace the parts before use.

The most important thing is to concentrate and rest after work.


In summary, when we buy an makute angle grinder, in addition to budget, we need to consider the diameter of the makute angle grinder wheel, the wattage of the angle grinder, the speed, whether there is a brush, and the power supply model, and whether additional safety functions are required.

There are many different types of grinding discs available for makute angle grinders. Visit our website for suitable types or contact us to learn more about the details. Makute power tools will provide you with the best service.

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