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How to assemble angle grinder?

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Makute Angle grinders are popular in many households, and they are relatively economical and primary transformation tools. Angle grinder, commonly known as hand grinding wheel, is a kind of electric grinding tool. It is suitable for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and stone.

Of course, angle grinders are also very dangerous tools. The speed of the angle grinder is very high, often reaching tens of thousands of revolutions. If it is not assembled properly, it is prone to danger! Therefore, how to correctly assemble and use angle grinders has attracted much attention from woodworking enthusiasts.

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This passage is going to talk about the followings of assembling angle grinder:

(1)How to assemble angle grinder?

(2)Design features and characteristics of angle grinder

(3)How to disassemble the angle grinder?


(1)How to assemble angle grinder?

Introduce the parts and general installation instructions of the angle grinder.

The components of the angle grinder can be divided into mechanical parts and electrical parts. The mechanical parts refer to the front reduction box, gears, output shaft, reduction box cover, and bearings. The assembly sequence is that the reduction box cover is pressed into the bearing, and then the hole is used. Use the retaining ring to locate (some use glands and screws), press the output shaft into the bearing, put the key on the output shaft and sleeve the gear, and then use the shaft to limit the position with the retaining ring, and set it aside.

Press into a bearing at the rear of the reduction box, limit the position with a gland, press into a bearing (or needle bearing) inside the reduction box, insert the rotor into the bearing at the rear of the reduction box, and insert the pinion at the same time. The rotor shaft is pressed and fixed with a nut, and a bearing is pressed into the tail of the rotor for use.

The electrical components are the designated sub, rotor, casing, handle, switch, wire, brush holder, brush and other components. First connect the tension spring or insert on the two short wires of the stator, and press the brush holder on the casing. Then install the stator with the lead end facing down, and fasten it with screws. Lead the wire out, hang the tension spring into the brush holder, put the wire into the sheath and connect it to the switch, and connect the long lead of the stator to the switch, then fix the wire on the handle with a crimping plate, and put the handle together and the housing Fix, insert the compressed rotor of the reduction box into the stator core of the casing, fasten it with screws, install the brushes, add grease to the reduction box, cover the assembled reduction box cover, and fasten it with screws. Put on the protective cover of the grinding wheel and install the flange of the grinding wheel.

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(2)Design features and characteristics of angle grinder

It is necessary to clearly understand its design features, parts and connection parts and characteristics for a proper assemble.

Ordinary objects with handles are usually made of plastic, and the two halves are connected along the periphery by self-tapping screws. Loosen it to access the motor and all electrical components. Many types of casings have an inseparable part in which the stator coil is installed, and the entire device is disassembled by unscrewing the side cover.

The angle grinder motor is fixed in the cushion of the shell, and its notch exposes the unobstructed groove of the rotor of the stator. Engine bearings are also easy to insert into the housing, but their fit on the shaft can cause a lot of interference, which often becomes a problem when the angle grinder is disassembled.

The rotor is not a foldable device for self-healing, so you must use it carefully so as not to damage the geometry of the winding wire, armature and metal parts.

The stator is an electrical winding with a transformer steel casing. The angle grinder unit cannot repair itself.

The rotor handle with transmission teeth enters the metal housing of the gearbox, and the bearing can be firmly fixed in the metal housing. If it is removed without the use of impact force with a tool, the aluminum may be broken.

The problem of how to disassemble the gearbox of the angle grinder mainly exists in one of its components, that is, the fixing of the driven gear on the output shaft and the problem of the component protruding from the removable housing cover.


(3)How to disassemble the angle grinder?

After knowing how to install, we must also consider the issue of disassembling the angle grinder. If parts need to be replaced, we also need to know how to disassemble it.

The intensive operation of angle grinders is very common, and the demand in daily life is so strong that it is inevitably necessary to repair them. Most of them will encounter the problem of how to assemble and disassemble the angle grinder to avoid serious damage. Only by fully understanding the angle grinder can it be disassembled, assembled and used correctly.

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