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FREE to get the face mask

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If you are our customers,You can get the mask from our campany FREE.

If not,to be our customer.

If you are asked must stay at home because of the crown virus in your country.

I want to say :It's good sign, That means your government started to take action.Because the action means the epidemic situation will be under controlled after this action. 

Since right now, for you can’t go to office and shops and everybody stay at home. We can feel very deeply that people feel panic and don’t know what will happen in the next step.

We went through the same period though our China new year holiday. No party,No travel,Locked city,locked twon, locked village.Everyone have the same----- goal:alive.

We realized that nothing is imporant at all rather than alive.

Our city is 732km far from Wuhan city.So It's not serious in my city.But everyone keep the rules.Stay at home, If went out must wear the face mask.

According to the experience from China,to fight the virus, the most important thing is to limit people, not to limit the logistic.  people will be limited for a comparatively long period, like two weeks to one month.After two or three weeks later, the logistic should resume step by step, because the country need to run up, it’s impossible to let everything just stop for long time. So, please don’t be panic too much.

The virus finished here in our city. We start work almost two months. As we all know. if Every country do what china do.It will be finished in two month. During this time.we can keep in touch.

If you need any help.Pls feel free to cantact me.

I hope you and your family and your country and all earth will be fine.

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